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Wireless car rear view
Release time: 2022-08-18

Wireless car rear view: 

With the gradual strengthening of driving safety awareness, countries around the world have promulgated laws and regulations to list car imaging equipment as mandatory installation items. Such as: reversing image, vehicle monitoring system, convenient installation of wireless transmission products is widely recognized by the market, wireless rearview products with convenient installation, long transmission distance, penetration and anti-interference ability, to solve the user car wiring inconvenience trouble.

The transmission characteristics of digital wireless audio and video modules used in this product are as follows:

1. 2.4G digital microwave frequency band is adopted, with low signal frequency, stronger penetration and diffraction force when propagating in air or obstacles, smaller attenuation and longer propagation distance;

2, Transmission, receiving can automatically code, more safe and convenient operation;

3, Automatic intelligent frequency hopping, stronger anti-interference;

4, Can receive four video signals at the same time, solve the problem of multi-directional wiring;

5. When using battery power supply, the power management part supports Deep sleep mode, Sleep, Idle mode and WOR mode (Wake On RX). WOR function provides automatic wake up and receives RF network packet with irregular timing, so as to extend the service life of battery. Meet the requirements of low-power standby scenarios.

6. More efficient transmission of high-definition video signals such as 720P can be achieved by integrating MAC/BBP and 2.4GHz PA/LNA single chip with a high speed of 300Mbps;


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